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Award Stats
Awards List
Best Killer with Gauntlet ribx
Best Killer with Machine gun [Queen]^Britney
Best Killer with Shot gun ^|||Lodgie
Best Killer with Grenade Launcher tov. Stalin
Best Killer with Rocket Launcher *^$L4P*
Best Killer with Lightning gun fau
Best Killer with Rail gun ^{BLACK}NASTIA
Best Killer with Plasma gun [ILM]^Mikes_uk
Best Accuracy with Machine gun Miroslav
Best Accuracy with Shot gun ^|||Lodgie
Best Accuracy with Grenade Launcher Log@n
Best Accuracy with Rocket Launcher ddd
Best Accuracy with Lightning gun fau
Best Accuracy with Rail gun hssnd
Best Accuracy with Plasma gun Miroslav
Best Overall Accuracy Slash
Excellent Killer ^{BLACK}NASTIA
Impressive Railer .WTF!WhoAmI?!
Freeze Tag
Best Thawer dp
Best Defender ^{BLACK}NASTIA
Highest Thaw Dedication !!GrinD.CorE
Best Thaw Efficiency .WTF!Viper++!
Health Man *^$L4P*
Mega Man random
Shard Man random
Armor Man random
Best Killer ^{BLACK}NASTIA
Best Scorer ^{BLACK}NASTIA
Best Efficiency Miroslav
Best Fighter Miroslav
Best Effectiveness oKo*Venum
Best Damage Accuracy Slash
Highest Score per Death Miroslav
Highest Kill Streak 123
Highest Top Score .WTF!Viper++!
Highest Performance Miroslav
Best Team Scorer Miroslav
Best Team Efficiency Miroslav
Best Team Leader oKo*cacahuete
Cleanest Player oKo*Venum
Fair Play *^$L4P*
Highest Time Played WaLi
Hall Of Fame
Most Number of Awards Miroslav
Award Listing for Best accuracy with machine gun (top 100)
#Player Name Games   Hits   Shots   Accuracy 
1Miroslav94 106 443 23.93%
2[ILM]^Mikes_uk100 104 446 23.32%
3+1 Isten Fasza144 431 1903 22.65%
4ION.HorseMan160 138 721 19.14%
5Pizdukas44 85 583 14.58%
6Rohadjmeg188 75 634 11.83%
7tov. Stalin47 36 444 8.11%
808738 178 2207 8.07%
9PUFF160 26 525 4.95%
10sn105 65 2381 2.73%
11*Muffin*96 21 1135 1.85%
12OPTICAL145 8 485 1.65%
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